The Photography & Styling Masterclass

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In The Photography & Styling Masterclass you’ll get the tools you need to compose beautiful and compelling photos.

You’ll learn the precise steps you need to take to become more intentional with your styling and to dramatically improve your photography skills.

You will also develop your skills in visual storytelling, which is one of the most effective techniques you can use to stand out in a world saturated with visuals!

Once you finish this course, you can rest assured there’ll be no more guessing what makes for a good photo!


Topics for this course

23 Lessons01h 48m 21s

MODULE 1: Studio + Light Setup

1.1 Introduction00:01:00
1.2 Background Story00:01:38
1.3 The Studio Setup00:03:41
1.4 The Lighting Setup00:12:05
1.5 The Setup for Dark and Moody photos00:02:41
1.6 The Camera Angles00:06:20

MODULE 2: Visual Storytelling

MODULE 3: Composition Techniques

MODULE 4: Plan your photoshoot